Operation of the CCTV System

This CCTV equipment and the images recorded by it are controlled by ____________ who is responsible for how the system is used and for the notifying the Information Commissioner about the CCTV system and its purpose (this is a legal requirement of the Data Protection Act 1998).

The above controller has considered the need for using a CCTV system and has decided it is required for the prevention and detection of crime and for protecting the safety of customers. It will not be used for other purposes.


  Checked (date) By (name) Date of next review  
The controller is aware that notification to the Information Commissioner is necessary and must be renewed annually.        
Notification has been submitted to the Information Commissioner and the next renewal date recorded        
Cameras have been sited so that the images are clear enough to allow the police to use them to investigate a crime.        
Cameras have been positioned to avoid capturing the images of persons not visiting the premises.        
There are signs showing that a CCTV system is in operation visible to people visiting the premises and the controllers contact details are displayed on the sign where it is not obvious who is responsible for the system.        
The recorded images from this CCTV system are securely stored, where only a limited number of authorised persons may have access to them.        
The recorded images will only be retained long enough for any incident to come to light (e.g. for a theft to be noticed).        
Recordings will only be made available to law enforcement agencies involved in the prevention and detection of crime, and no other third parties.        
The operating equipment is regularly checked to ensure that it is working properly (e.g. the recording media used is of an appropriate standard and that features on the equipment such as the date and time stamp are correctly set).        
The controller knows how to respond to requests from individuals for access to images relating to that individual. If unsure the controller knows t seek advice from the Information Commissioner as soon as such a request is made.        
  Please keep this checklist in a safe place until the date of the next review.