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Tel: 0207 653 1981
Huntingdon (HQ)
01480 811 276
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500W High performance
Various Angles and Distance options
Up to 170m Viewing Distance
Overt filters (730nm) & semi-covert (830nm)
Robust aluminium casting/extrusion
Supply Voltage: 230 VAC



High Efficiency LED's
Up to 20m Viewing Distance
Ultra Long Life
Supply Voltage: 12/24 VAC




Long Life, Low Voltage IR Flood
Up to 50m Viewing Distance
Robust aluminium casting/extrusion
Available with 3 filter options: 730nm, 830nm and 950nm





300W or 500W High Performance
Wide, Medium or Pencil Beam
715nM Filter with Photoswitch





High efficiency LEDís
Up to 170m Viewing Distance
Semi-covert 850nm and covert 940nm
Outdoor & Indoor Applications





High Efficiency LED's
Short Range
Up to 10m Viewing Distance
It is designed to be located in the dark areas of surveillance
site, to enhance night time performance of existing and new cameras
Supply Voltage: 12 VDC or 24 VAC





300W Flood or Spot
Die Cast RAL7035 Epoxy Furnace Varnished Aluminium
Supply Voltage: 230 VAC




50W Bulb or High Efficiency LED's
Die Cast Black Epoxy Furnace Varnished Aluminium
Impervious to attack from even the most hostile of environmental conditions
Supply Voltage: 230 VAC



High efficiency LEDís
Up to 50m Viewing Distance
Semi-covert (850nm) and covert (940nm)
User Selectable Power Levels
Supply Voltage: 230 VAC




Explosion-Protected Infrared LED Illuminator
100 LEDs for 20m+ performance
Aluminium, Extruded, Copper-Free
Hazardous, Explosion Prone Environments
Factories, Industrial Manufacturing Plants



50W Mini Illuminator
Medium or Narrow Beam
Supply Voltage: 12 VDC





External IR LED Illuminator
IR Adjustable Control
Long Life
850nm IR (Covert)
Up to 60m Viewing Distance
5mm chemical resistant window
Supply Voltage: 12 VDC or 24 VAC




Hawkeye Security & Surveillance Systems CCTV directory for U.K. & London

Head office
Huntingdon Business Centre, Blackstone Road, Huntingdon, Cambs, PE29 6EF
Tel:  01480 811 276   FAX:  01480 811256

London office
Albert Buildings, 49 Queen Victoria Street, London, EC4N 4SA
Tel:  0207 653 1981   FAX:  0207 653 1982

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