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Tel: 0207 653 1981
Huntingdon (HQ)
01480 811 276
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Ancillary Equipment : Day-Night-Cameras : Domes : Central Monitoring : Housings : Infra Red Lighting : Internal Cameras : Lenses : Monitors : Mounting Equipment : Pan-Tilt Heads : Recording : Remote Monitoring : Transmission Equipment




1/2" CS-Mount
F1.6 16
Manual Iris & Focus


8 - 48mm
F1.2 - 16C
Manual Focus, Zoom & Iris


1/3" CS-Mount
5.7 - 34.2mm
F1.0 - 360
Manual Focus, Zoom with DC Auto Iris





1/3" CS-Mount
F1.0 - 360
Manual Focus with DC Auto Iris


1/3" CS-Mount
2.7 - 8mm Varifocal Aspherical
Manual Iris & Focus


1/3" CS-Mount
5.7 - 34.2mm
DC Auto Iris, Spot Filter
Motorised Zoom, Focus





1/2" C Mount
12 - 120mm
3 Motors, Preset on Focus & Zoom


2/3" C-Mount
50mm Mega pixel
Manual Focus & Iris


2/3" C-Mount
Microscope Lens
Manual Focus & Iris





1/3" CS-Mount
Straight Pinhole
Manual Focus & Iris


1/3" CS-Mount
Straight Pinhole
Manual Focus, Auto Iris


1/2"" C-Mount
10X Macro Zoom Lens
Manual Focus, Zoom & Iris





5mm Adapter Ring attaches between Lens and camera, which converts
C-Mount Lens to CS-Mount Camera


2X Extender for CS-Mount
Attaches between lens and camera, which doubles the focal length


Viewfinder adjusts field of view, assists in determining the required focal length




Extension Tube Kit:
40, 20, 10, 5, 1, 0.5mm
Attaches between lens and camera, which reduces minimum focusing distance


Filter Kit assists in setting up Cameras for different lighting conditions

  Dummy Lens





Hawkeye Security & Surveillance Systems CCTV directory for U.K. & London

Head office
Huntingdon Business Centre, Blackstone Road, Huntingdon, Cambs, PE29 6EF
Tel:  01480 811 276   FAX:  01480 811256

London office
Albert Buildings, 49 Queen Victoria Street, London, EC4N 4SA
Tel:  0207 653 1981   FAX:  0207 653 1982

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