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Heavy Duty Pan & Tilt
Up to 227Kg Load Weight
Aluminium housing, stainless steel covers with powder coat finish
All metal gearing, stainless steel external hardware
Operating Temperature +5F to +131F (-15C to +55C) (without heater operating)
-22F to +131F (-30C to +55C) (with heater operating)






Heavy Duty Pan & Tilt
Up to 40 Kg Load Weight
RS232/422 control of Pan & Tilt.
Aluminium 6061-T6, Hardware Stainless Steel
Corrosion and Weather Resistant
Supply Voltage: 24/28 VDC







Corrosion Resistant Pan & Tilt
Operates in winds up to 155 mph. Can sustain winds in excess of 200
mph, and temperatures between 28F to +131F
0 to 35 per second (variable) pan speed and an option for 0 to 100 per second
Tough, colour fast, corrosion resistant powder coat and moulded finish
ensures long lasting protection. Weather resistant.
RS232/422 control of Pan & Tilt.






Indoor "Mini" Pan & Tilt
Light Duty
High Speed Pan Movement (12/sec 1)
Maximum Load 6.8Kg
Supply Voltage: 24 VAC, 120 VAC, or 230 VAC




Indoor "Mini" Pan & Tilt
Light Duty
High Speed Pan Movement (12/sec 1)
Maximum Load 6.8Kg
Supply Voltage: 24VAC




Explosion Proof Pan & Tilt
For Use in a Variety of Harsh and/or Hazardous Environments
Indoor/Outdoor Applications
Rugged Construction
Maximum Load 45.4 Kg
Supply Voltage: 120 or 230 VAC









Wall Mounted Indoor pan & tilt  loads up to 5 Kg (11 lb)
Maximum Load 5Kg
It consists of a sturdy die-cast aluminium structure, protected by
a plastic shell, which gives a particularly modern and nice aspect,
allowing the pan & tilt to be used even in public places
Supply Voltage: 24VAC and 230VAC



Stainless Steel Pan & Tilt
Maximum load 40 balanced Kgs
Resistant to the most severe environment, developed for the offshore market,
for every type of sea-going vessel and for industrial applications.
Supply Voltage: 24VAC or 230VAC




Flameproof Pan & Tilt
The unit is designed to prevent explosions by containing any heat, sparks,
or flames generated. This prevents potentially explosive atmospheres or
materials outside the equipment being ignited.
Maximum Load 50Kg
Supply Voltage: 24VDC, 24VAC, 110VAC or 230VAC









Heavy Duty Mobile and Fixed Operation Pan & Tilt
Stainless steel hardware
Aluminium housing with powder coat finish
Maximum Load 41Kg
Various Operating Voltages






Combined PTZ and Network Camera
1/6" Interline Transfer Super HAD CCD
2.4 mm to 60 mm Integrated Zoom Lens
Resolution 480 Horizontal TV Lines
Supply Voltage: 12VDC





Combined PTZ and Colour Camera
1⁄4 Interlaced CCD
Zoom Lens: F1.6/3.5-91mm (26x Optical Zoom)
Surveillance via LAN/WAN and Internet
Resolution of 768x576 Pixels (3 Levels)
Sensitivity: 1.0Lux (0Lux at IR Illumination)
Supports up to 20 Direct Users Simultaneously
Ethernet Interface: 10/100Base-T
Supply Voltage: 13VDC




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Head office
Huntingdon Business Centre, Blackstone Road, Huntingdon, Cambs, PE29 6EF
Tel:  01480 811 276   FAX:  01480 811256

London office
Albert Buildings, 49 Queen Victoria Street, London, EC4N 4SA
Tel:  0207 653 1981   FAX:  0207 653 1982

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